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About Health Station

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Health Station is passionate about helping Clinics & Hospitals deliver better patient care. Our products are designed to make managing clinics a breeze. We empower Clinic & Hospital with critical patient information anytime, anywhere so that they can make better decisions for patients. We pride ourselves for being super focused on the basics - Ease of use, honest pricing, great service, and respect for trust that Doctors place in us. .

Easy Automated Appointment Sheduling
1 Room Blocking And Availability Checking.
2 Doctor Availibilty Blocking.
3 Easy Patient Profile Management.

Easy Tracking Of Invoices, Inventory, Pharmacy and Prescriptions.
1 Package And Session Management.
2 Patient Appiontment Timeline, Invoices, Old Medical Records Managemnt.

2 Easy Tracking Of Inventory and Service Invoices.
1 End To End Recording Of Consumables and Products.
2 Reports On Every Products, Services And Investment of Backoffice.

Employee Management Sytem.
1 Time-In/Time-out.
2 Employee Managemnt.
3 Hourly Based Employee Payroll/Payslip Management.

No Risk of Data Manupulation Yor Data is With You.

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Paperless medical records and practice management that allows you to focus on healing your patients.

Manage patient records and prescriptions, schedule appointments, task fanancials, and much more..

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Your patient’s data, always at your fingertips.

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Our Services Goals

Right Time, Right Place Every Time.

Every Thing Under One Roof

All Data in One Place

High profile Visibility

Consultation ends, Care continues.

Helping Support

Qualified Support

Highly Creative Soultions

Increase You Practise With Health Station

Creative Soultions

Communicate right information at the right time

Secure & private

Data and information within cannot be tampered with by any unauthorized user


Your patient’s data, always at your fingertips


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- What are features inside the Software?


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